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Thank-you for your interest in Press-One. Here's a brief description of what we do and what you can expect when working at Press-One.

Press-One provides a customer service solution for dozens of companies in several different industries. We work in the "BPO" industry. "Business Process Outsourcing" is the necessary back office work that every company needs and conducts daily. Many companies outsource their customer service and data entry functions to us for a number of reasons - we have world-class technology, top-notch cyber security, fantastic employees, excellent site locations and up-to-date expertise in handling technical contact center functions that most companies just don't have. This allows our client companies to focus on their core business and assign the the contact center and BPO stuff to us knowing that it will be done right!

When a customer contacts one of our client companies via phone, email, chat or text, Press-One answers and replies on behalf of that company. Our customer service agents are the highly trained representatives of that company. Our agents answer customer questions, input customer data, update records, fix problems, make notes on customer accounts and ultimately, make people happy!

Our agents spend most of their time at a desk, working on a computer, speaking with people over the phone or answering emails and texts. Our agents are guaranteed a great hourly wage. We have several alternative compensation systems in place, allowing agents to earn incentives based on their performance!

We try to promote from within and encourage you to let us know about special skills or interests that you may have. Most of our head-office and managerial positions have been filled directly from our contact center. People from all walks of life work in our contact centers.

Due to security reasons, Press-One employees are not allowed to have personal cell phones or electronic devices at their workstations. We provide lockers for your personal belongings. If you must have your cell phone on your person at all times, you are encouraged not to apply.

Press-One is an equal opportunity employer. We value knowledge, integrity, reliability and diversity in our organization. Press-One is a U.S. based, veteran owned, Colorado registered corporation. We encourage you to fill out the online application and find out more.

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Please fill out this application completely (FireFox is the recommended browser; if you experience any issues please use FireFox). If you make a mistake, don't worry! We'll give you an opportunity to go back and fix it.Once you're satisfied with your answers, simply press the "JOIN THE TEAM!" button and print or save the confirmation page for your records. Once we've had a chance to look everything over, a member of our management team will get back with you to schedule an interview. Note: On the application form below, fields marked with an asterisk are required! Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please use correct spelling and grammar and thanks for applying!
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